Practices for Well-Being: Tips for Motivation

Stop Waiting for a Sign!
11 Tips for Getting Yourself Motivated

Too often, we find ourselves waiting for a sign to help motivate us or give us direction for what’s next in our life.  Stop waiting for a sign and take action!

Even the most experienced and successful people can use a little help getting motivated from time to time.

Motivating yourself is a learnable skill. Everyone procrastinates at times. It’s human nature. Several tactics and strategies can lift your motivation to the next level to get yourself moving again.

Try these techniques to motivate yourself and get things done: 

Choose happiness –  It’s much easier to motivate yourself when you’re in a positive mood. Focus on the wonderful things in your life that fill you with gratitude. Cleaning out the garage won’t seem quite as daunting when you focus on gratitude and all-things-positive in your life.

Learn how to be a finisher. A trail of unfinished projects can dampen anyone’s enthusiasm to start another. If you can finish what you start, you’ll be more interested in taking on new tasks because you expect to be successful. Success breeds success.

Expect mistakes. The only people that don’t make mistakes are those who never do anything!  Mistakes can be very positive because you can learn from them. Use them to your advantage.

Keep yourself grounded in the present. If you’re worrying about the future or beating yourself up over the past, it’s challenging to get anything accomplished right now. If your mind is running wild, focus on your breathing for a few minutes.

Focus on the result. You’ll find it difficult to get started if you only focus on all the work that needs to be done. Focus on the result and you’ll feel much more motivated.

Give yourself a reward. You go to work every day because you know that a paycheck is coming your way. You probably wouldn’t go otherwise!  Before you start, think about a small but meaningful reward you can give yourself when your work is complete. 

Use a timer. Decide how long a task should take and see if you’re right. Set a timer and see if you can beat the clock. A little time pressure can help you keep focused on your work. There are many timer apps and programs available at no cost.

Read inspirational quotes. Reading inspirational quotes by those who have achieved great success can be very motivating.  Do an internet search and spend a few minutes reading these great quotes, and you’ll be sure to experience an enhanced level of enthusiasm. Consider creating a list of quotes that you can keep nearby in case of an emergency.

Consider the price of failure. What is the price of failing to follow through? Make a list of the negatives. Some of us are more driven by pain than by reward -using both to your advantage can be powerful.

Get some exercise. If you’re feeling stuck, go for a brisk walk or a short run. Taking a short break every 60 minutes has been shown to increase productivity.  Keep your breaks short so you don’t get off track.

Measure your progress. Big goals or projects can take years to complete. Measuring your progress along the way is a great way to keep your spirits high. Set short-term goals to keep you focused.

Next Steps:

 The most successful people are able to harness the power of self-motivation. A high level of motivation will ensure that your work is done well and as quickly as possible. It’s time to get busy!

  1. Pick up your journal, take time to brainstorm & make a list of small tasks that are hanging over your head.
  2. Starting today, take action on 1 small task per day.  In 7 days, you will have completed 7 tasks and they will no longer weigh on you — and you will get momentum for continued action and motivation!

~ In this blog, I write about various practices that I have found helpful to my personal and professional development which readers might integrate into their personal and professional lives. My hope is that this blog will support all readers, especially clinical social workers, clinical supervisors and their supervisees, and therapy or coaching clients.

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