Mindful Mandalas Coloring Book – Printable Digital Download



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Mindful Mandala Coloring Pages for Self-Care
Printable Digital Download

Add these helpful printable coloring pages to your personal self-care-practices toolkit! Give this simple gift to new BSW, MSW, or DSW Graduates

It is wise to have a number of go-to self-care practice strategies! Add this one to your list!
It is a soothing experience to color these beautiful and meditative mandala images – use colored pencils, fine-tip markers, or pens to color these images.

Set yourself up for your professional clinical social work success and support your personal well-being! Social work supervisees will set themselves up for success by using this simple packet. Clinical supervisors will set their social work supervisees/supervision clients up for success by giving them this tool to support their professional and personal growth and development.

Social workers could use these with their clients, too. Give clients homework to integrate this self-care practice into their daily routine.

In this 10-page digital download, you will find the following items:

* 1. Cover Page +
* 2. this journal belongs to page * +

3. I am Mindful quote + Mandala Image to Color
4. I am Peaceful quote + Mandala Image to Color
5. I am Grateful quote + Mandala Image to Color
6. I am Present quote + Mandala Image to Color
7. I am Free quote + Mandala Image to Color
8. I am Thoughtful quote + Mandala Image to Color
9. I am Calm quote + Mandala Image to Color
10. I am Inspirational quote