Virtual Conversation Cards

Unlock the Power of Virtual Group Facilitation with Virtual Conversation Cards

Welcome to the future of online group facilitation with Virtual Conversation Cards – an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way social workers, mental health professionals, and group facilitators conduct their sessions online. 

With the shift to virtual formats, engaging your group has never been more critical or challenging. Our platform offers a dynamic, interactive solution to foster meaningful discussions and enhance the virtual group experience.

How does the Virtual Conversation Cards Platform work?

Discover how Virtual Conversation Cards can transform your online meetings, support groups, and therapy sessions. Our platform is tailored for professionals who utilize virtual platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, offering an engaging, game-like tool that promotes real-time participation and discussion.


Why Virtual Conversation Cards?

Virtual Conversation Cards are an essential tool for enhancing engagement and participation in virtual meetings and group sessions. Designed for ease of use and immediate implementation, they bridge the digital divide, fostering meaningful connections in the virtual space. With their innovative approach, based on psychological principles and therapeutic practices, Virtual Conversation Cards are not just conversation starters but gateways to deeper understanding and personal growth, making every virtual session engaging and impactful.

Our unique platform is accessible to any participant with internet access, there is no special software to download or hassles in getting everyone connected no matter which online meeting platform (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc.) you use.

Custom Decks for Every Need

Whether it’s a clinical supervision group, an LGBTQ+ support session, a youth writing workshop, or a parent support group, Think in Possibilities Conversation Cards offer tailored decks to meet the specific needs of diverse groups in virtual sessions, on mobile devices, or in person.

Get started with the Virtual Conversation Cards Platform for more engaging remote sessions.

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Looking for solutions for in person sessions? We have you covered with physical decks.

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