Shareables: Pocket Notes – Cards Meant to Share




Shareables Deck: Cards Made to Share

Make every moment special with unique notes and matching envelopes, ideal for surprising pals, family, and colleagues. Packaged beautifully for easy gifting.

  • This deck includes all 25 unique pocket notes to share with 25 matching color envelopes
  • Each card is a square (3.5″x 3.5″) and single-sided with the greeting & image on one side, and the Shareables logo on the back side
  • The cards come packaged beautifully in a square white box with a clear window showing a shareable card.

Here are a few ideas for sharing pocket note cards:

  • Mail pocket notes to your pals
  • Put a pocket note in a family member’s pocket
  • Leave a card on your officemate’s desk
  • Use a card as a gift tag
  • Put a pocket note in your kid’s lunch bag