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Peace, Love & Social Work!

Prepare Well for Clinical Supervision & Get the Most out of Supervision

Use these helpful printable tools to support your professional development and your readiness for and use of clinical supervision. Set yourself up for your professional clinical social work success and support your personal well-being! This journal is perfect for social workers who are engaged in clinical supervision as they seek next-level social work licensure. Track your dates and hours of individual and group supervision. Prepare for each supervision meeting by writing on a supervision prep page. Take time after supervision to write about your insights and note follow-up actions. Social work supervisees will set themselves up for success by using this simple packet. Clinical supervisors will set their social work supervisees/supervision clients up for success by giving them this tool to support their professional and personal growth and development.

This 9-page digital download includes:

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1. Page to note license renewal dates (and) the required # of supervision & CEU hours
2. Page for preparing for supervision
3. Page for post-supervision notes, insights, & follow up
4. Supervision dates & hours tracker
5. CEU/training dates tracker
6. Notes page for training you attend
7. Keep the main thing the main thing to-do list page