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Bring the Poetry LAB groupwork model to your work with youth!

The Poetry LAB Curriculum: Employing the Therapeutic Use of Poetry with Youth (150 page PDF document)

Start your own Poetry LAB writing circle with youth in the school or community settings. Teach the use of poetry, creativity, and journal writing as a healthy coping skill.

This curriculum will guide you in your work to support the social/emotional well-being of youth.

This Digital Download of the 150-page PDF Includes the following:

Table of contents
Page 1 – Author’s note
Page 7 – Mission of The Poetry LAB
Page 10 – Part 1: Welcoming students: Set the stage Establish group norms snapshot of group structure
Page 19 – Part 2: Stages of Group development: Beginning, Middle, End
page 32 – Part 3: Student feedback: Evaluating the impact & effectiveness of The Poetry LAB (with blank student survey form)
Page 36 – Part 5: Samples & Examples of poetry writing prompts
Page 47 – Part 4: Getting started with your own Poetry LAB group
Page 75 – Part 6: Group Outline: Blank planning forms for facilitators
Page 89 – Part 7: Writing pages with prompts for each stage of development (for students)